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CSSIgniter: Gold Sponsor from Across the Atlantic

WordCamp events take place around the world, in dozens of cities. With so much reach, you expect sponsors to support the events closest to them. What you may not expect is a sponsor to reach out from across the Atlantic, but that’s exactly what happened for WordCamp San Antonioone of our gold sponsors is located in Greece.

CSSIgniter is a small team of designers and WordPress developers based in Greece. They provide beautiful WordPress themes to small Web design agencies, Web development agencies, freelancers, and small business owners around the world. They make sure there aren’t any confusing parts in their themes so users can concentrate on what really matters—their content. They say people really love them for their technical support, too.

When they got in touch with us, they expressed their desire to support the event, but pointed out that they wouldn’t be able to attend. It’s a bit of a hike from Greece to San Antonio, you know.

Not only did that not stop them from signing on as a gold sponsor, they also asked us to give their sponsor tickets away to someone who might not otherwise be able to attend. That kind of generosity is one of the many reasons we so enjoy being part of the WordPress community!

We hope you’ll take a moment to visit CSSIgniter, and we hope to see you this Saturday at WordCamp San Antonio!