Radix FZC Signs on as WordCamp San Antonio Premier Sponsor

When we first began planning WordCamp San Antonio, our goal was to secure two premier sponsors. We thought two would be achievable, and would provide good contributions to help us get this event off the ground.

It’s not an exaggeration to say, we have been simply astounded by the interest in WordCamp San Antonio, and in the generosity of so many wonderful organizations who have so generously offered to sponsor the city’s first WordCamp. In fact, we now have no fewer than five premier sponsors, and we’re so pleased to introduce one of them to you: Radix FZC.

Radix’s mission is to become the registry operator for a variety of rich and memorable top-level extensions that will serve as the foundation of the new era on the Internet.

They aim to obtain rights to operate several new generic top-level domains that will help in bringing together and enriching the respective communities they serve. Radix is in the running to operate 20 extensions, including: web, .music, .blog, and .shop.

Radix has already successfully launched .website, .press, .host, .space, .pw (the professional web), and .in.net as a new domain name extension whose focal point is India.

We’re so excited to welcome Radix as one of our premier sponsors. We’re grateful to them—and to all of you—for the fantastic support, which is sure to make event day a huge success!