Aaron Douglas

Aaron was that kid taking apart the mechanical and electrical appliances at five years of age to see how they worked. He never grew out of that core interest – to know how things work. He took an early interest in computer programming, figuring out how to get past security to be able to play games on his dad’s computer. He’s still that feisty nerd, but at least now he gets paid to do it.

After being a full time Java consultant for five years, he moved to a full-time mobile architect position for a year and now is with Automattic (WordPress.com, Akismet, SimpleNote) as a Mobile Maker. Aaron’s interest in mobile development has been ever increasing since he got his first iOS app in Apple’s App Store in 2009, Migraine Diary. Other than software development, Aaron enjoys camping during the summer, taking his dogs for a walk around the neighborhood, and pretending to be a storm chaser while sitting at home.