WordCamp San Antonio Sold Out—Almost!

Good news! WordCamp San Antonio sold out! All 200 of the original tickets available were claimed as of Monday, January 5.

Even better news—we added another 50 tickets!

We know what a fantastic event this is going to be. But to be honest, because it’s the first-ever WordCamp in San Antonio, we weren’t completely sure what to expect. We didn’t know whether we’d be able to get 50 people to attend, let alone 200.

Well, we’ve heard you guys loud and clear. You’re just as excited about this event as we are, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that! We also heard a couple of people were disappointed when they came to the site to register and found all the tickets were gone. We couldn’t let those people miss out!

We’re less than three weeks away from event day. As of this writing, only 34 of the added 50 tickets remain. They are going fast. If you’ve been meaning to register, but you put it off, don’t delay any longer. Get your tickets now.

If you’ve been trying to decide whether you want to attend, take a look at the agenda, the speakers, and the topics that will be covered. Once you see all the valuable information that will be available to you, head on over and get your WordCamp San Antonio tickets before they’re gone again!

By the way, did you know you can also see who’s attending WordCamp San Antonio? If you’re looking to network, hobnob, or just hang out with your fellow WordPress nerds, this will be the place to do it.

See you there!